TAgtical Pursuit Mobile Laser Tag Orange County

Last Man Standing 

A free for all type game play.  This is where you will be able to separate yourself from the rest and be one of the few to claim to Pursue Greatness!! Champion of this battle will be getting a medal and will have there picture taken and will be posted on our  website on the Greatness Champions Hall of Fame Page!!  

Both teams first spawn at their own base.  Time to close in,  Eliminate opposing players from the game.  First team to eliminate their enemy wins.

Team Elimination

A new rendition of the Capture Flag.  In this mission both teams start at opposite ends of  field a Flag stand will be placed on the field.   Capture as many flags as you can and bring back to base.  If all of your team flags are captured. The Mission is not yet complete Capture the main flag and get to your enemy's base and wave the flag.  Your Team has just got one step closer to Pursuing Greatness!!  

Center Flag

An Air Strike has been called in and will arrive soon.  Quickly find the Target Beacon transmitter and move it closer to your enemy's base.  Wait!! The enemy just intercepted your communications and they're trying to move the Target Beacon closer to your Base.  Hurry!! and find the Beacon before the enemy does!!

Air Strike

Coming Soon!!

  The Pursuit 

One team is given the bunker base.  The other team must  penetrate the base and reach the command center to win the game.  Defending team must stay in the bunker complex and defend the command center.

King of the Hill


The Objective of the game is to Tag the Captain of the other team while protecting your captain.  Most teams create a bodyguard to protect their captain and assault team to take out the opposing captain.  The Captains each get 9 lives, everyone else is a soldier with only 5 lives.  The Captains are expected to fight and it is not uncommon for the game to go where the Captain's duel eachother.

Tag the Captain

 Now your skills will be tested with this ultimate secret mission.  Are you ready to Pursue Greatness Make sure to add the Secret Mission to your Package to experience this new game play of Laser Tag!!!!