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TAgtical Pursuit Mobile Laser Tag Orange County

Book Early To Reserve your spot!!

TAgtical Pursuit Mobile Laser Tag Orange County
TAgtical Pursuit Mobile Laser Tag Orange County

Planning an Event

To Make Your Event Succesful, We have Comprised a Basic Checklist

1.  Schedule a day, time, and location.  Parties are Subject to availibility,  booking early inreases your chances of getting your desired time.

2.  After booking a party, we require a $50 deposit by paid by Visa, Mastercard, check or paypal (preferable).  Your deposit normally is non-refundaable, however should you need to cancel due to rain forecast it is refundable or transferable to another party date, of your choice. 

3.   However if it does rain do not worry for it is still possible to host your event.   Be prepared for it.   Some Parties schedule a back up indoor location, such as a church, banquet hall, indoor basketball court,  club house, office, etc.  Remember we can host an event pretty much anywhere.  If it rains just a little we can still host the event.  But if its pouring down, the equipment may not be able  to handle it.  If it does look like it is going to rain and you need to cancel please give us a 5 hour notice. prior to event to let our employees know.  If it does start to rain during the event do not worry for you will be given a discount for the amount of time that was interupted by the the rain.

4. If you do decide to have a party in a city park, please make sure to check your local Department of Parks& Recreation.  They may want our insurance faxed to them.  Just let us  know and we will take care of all documents for you.

5.  Please try to provide a safe/ clean play field before the party starts.  All possible Saftey Hazzards, include sand on concrete, dog droppings,  and holes on the ground.

We understand it rains at unpredictable times.  A full refund is

given during rainy days as long as you call us with 5 hour notice

before the party. 

If a party is rained out in the middle of event,  we will will give

discounts to partial parties caused by rain.

Otherwise please give us 7 days notice for other cancellations or

reschedules to keep your deposit on partial parties.

We are are flexible with changes in the scheduling of the time of

the party on your day.  Please give us a 24 hour notice to

coordinate any time changes with Tagtical Pursuit team.

Cancelation Policy                      

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